Loopz® Fitness Moves Book One - Getting Started

Loopz® Fitness Moves Book One - Getting Started

In this book you will learn how to achieve your fitness goals to develop strong lean abs and legs. I'll share with you my personal success secrets and help you make the changes to look better, feel great and get fit.

The 30 Loopz® Fitness moves in this book, to be used with your Loopz® Fitness band, are carefully selected to lay a strong foundation in optimal fitness training. We target the transverse abdominis, the deepest abdominal layer, for the best fundaments in core training and teach you how to maximize every opportunity to lengthen, tone and stretch the legs and spine in correct form and technique. The 30 moves are also set in congruence with Loopz® Fitness' 5 Principles of Movement, contributing to a comprehensive and unparalleled training experience.

By the end of this Book, you will know how to breathe through movement while keeping a tight, strong core. You will begin to move fluidly, gracefully and with power. You will learn how to protect yourself from unnecessary injuries because of your excellent training foundation. You will also begin to develop lean muscles and to stand tall because extensions through both the back of our legs and spine are natural ways towards postural alignment and muscular symmetry.

Keep on MOVING……..

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