Current classes being held in Singapore

Training for Professionals (such as athletes, trainers and physios)

Tier ONE: Using Loopz® Fitness band to Assist and Resist in your field of expertise. AWARD - Certificate of Completion. 


Tier TWO: Study of Workshop Modules for Specialty Training. AWARD - Certified Trainer.


Tier THREE:  Study and Mastery of Loopz® Fitness syllabi and 5 Principles of Movement. AWARD - Loopz® Fitness Master Trainer.


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Our popular 60 minute workshops are a master class and precision workshop all in one. You will take home a Loopz® Fitness workout and body after each workshop.


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This weekly Loopz® Fitness class is suitable for you if truly want to understand movement and how your body works. It is a technique-based class in a Private (4-6 pax) or Group (>10 pax) class setting. Suitable for all fitness levels. A refined approach to fitness and movement is guaranteed.


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